China calls on the United States to lift the sanctions imposed on Syria

The Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, Jang Joon, urged the United States of America to lift unilateral sanctions against Syria immediately. The Security Council met yesterday to discuss the humanitarian problem in Syria. Jang Joon recently indicated that the United States had voted six times against the Syrian border assistance mechanism and the drafting of amendments, and prevented reasonable remedies.

Noting that China has always taken a responsible and constructive approach to the humanitarian situation in Syria, Chang stressed the need for the United States to think about its actions.
The Chinese representative stated that if the United States truly cared about the humanitarian situation in Syria, it must immediately end the politicization of the humanitarian problem, it was a hypocrite political presentation and unilateral sanctions against the Syrian people and give purely false excuses.

Chang Joon called for instability and resulted in chaos in the Middle East and other parts of the world, and ending his policies and dominant efforts to change order and bullying.

China International Radio

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